Decoding Limited Matchmaking: What’s the Deal in Call of Duty?

Decoding Limited Matchmaking: What's the Deal in Call of Duty?

You may have heard of Shadow Bans if you’ve been playing Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, or any new Call of Duty game. But wait, there’s a new twist in town: Limited Matchmaking. Let’s figure out what this new thing in Call of Duty is all about.

Behind the Scenes of Limited Matchmaking in Call of Duty

So you’re in the Limited Matchmaking club, which isn’t really the gaming VIP lounge, is it? Yes, you’re here for a reason, but it can be hard to tell if it’s fair or not.

Let’s start by clearing the air. Shadow bans and not enough matchmaking? The story is pretty much the same. They put players in lobbies with other players who like the same things them, which makes it possible for cheaters and mean players to mix.

Limited Matchmaking Chronicles of The Waiting Game

When you hang out in Limited Matchmaking for a few days, Activision’s top people start looking at the reports about your account. What’s going on? If, after this short time, the Activision bosses still think you’re causing trouble (based on the list of things that are not okay), you might end up taking a break, either with a temporary timeout or a permanent ban from the Call of Duty action.

You’re in the Limited Matchmaking crew for a number of reasons, which are laid out in Activision’s Call of Duty Security and Enforcement Policy, which came out on January 5.

Activision’s List of No-Nos for Limited Matchmaking

Let’s get right to it. Why do you want to be in Limited Matchmaking in Call of Duty? Activision says that you may have ended up in this less-than-swanky club because of the following:

Accusations of Cheating: Were you caught with wall hacks, aimbots, or other cheat codes? You might want to come to Limited Matchmaking from now on.

If you’ve been sending out bad vibes, hate speech, or just generally making other people’s gaming experience miserable, Limited Matchmaking might not be the SLOTBANGJAGO best place for you.

Rage Quitting: Quitting matches like you’re running away from a bad date? That might not impress the people in charge of CoD.

Stat Popping: Adding to those stats in sneaky ways? You might end up with limited matchmaking.

Sharing an account: Giving your gaming passport to other people? A company called Activision doesn’t always think that sharing is caring.

The Review Process: Can Limited Matchmaking Save the Day?

You’re now in the land of limited matchmaking in Call of Duty. What should you do next? After you’ve had your short stay, Activision looks over your gaming history. If they think there is something fishy going on or that you are not following the rules, they may ban you for a short time or for good.

How to Get Through the Limited Matchmaking Maze

Friends, that’s all you need to know about Limited Matchmaking in Call of Duty. Getting out of Limited Matchmaking depends on the decisions you make in the game. It doesn’t matter if you got stuck here because of a real mistake or a misunderstanding. So get ready to play, be fair, and may the odds always be on your side!